Marine Travelift Marine Forklift

Sometimes, a marina is better served by using a marine forklift for certain boat handling situations than by a boat hoist or any other equipment. With increasing pressure to maximize the utilization of waterfront property, it has become very popular for marinas to use “dry stack” facilities for boat storage, which is aided by the use of a marine forklift.

Some of the key features Marine Travelift has engineered into the line of marine forklifts include:

  • Hydrostatic Drive
    An industry exclusive – Operators easily maintain precise speed and control in forward and reverse while keeping their hands free for steering, hydraulic lift controls, and other pilot operations. The closed loop design keeps constant pressure on the system, which means that when an operators foot isn’t on the pedal, there is zero movement, even at a slight grade.
  • Convenient Service Access
    Major systems are easily serviced and maintained in less time with the “gull-wing” service doors and maintenence platform.
  • Durable Swing Style Forks
    Consistency of improved fork positioning, versatility and boat handling control. Nickel plated chain anchors, stainless steel carriage cylinders, and carriage fittings provide the highest level of durability.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Prolong paint life and corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments with our PPG paint system incorporating a zinc primer and siloxane top coat along with 316 grade hydraulic stainless steel tubing.
  • Remote Lifting Control
    Allows the operator to remotely raise and/or lower the forks while standing next to the forklift.
  • Easy Operator Access & Clear Visibility
    Our stepped entry/exit provides easy operator access from both sides of the machine. Both a forward/side mounted cab and a center seat cab are available upon machine build.

For a visual breakdown of the key features and options of the Marine Travelift Hydro M_Drive forklift line, please feel free to print out one of our Marine Travelift Marine Forklift brochures.

Please contact us for more information on the marine forklifts we offer.