Marine Travelift Transporter

At Harris Equipment Systems, our goal is to help you optimize the efficiency and profitability of your marina or boatyard. As part of this goal, we offer Marine Travelift self-propelled transporters that complement the Marine Travelift mobile boat hoists. These two machines, working in tandem, can dramatically improve your marina operations in the following ways:

  • Greater Land Utilization
    Our Transporters are significantly narrower than a boat hoist which allows you to park boats closer together in your boatyard. This tighter packing of boats can virtually double the storage capacity of your yard, which translates directly into higher boat storage revenues.
  • Improved Boat Handling Efficiency
    Using a boat hoist alone requires you to lift a boat out of the water and drive the boat to a storage position (often a good distance from the pier) then go back to the pier empty to pick another boat. By adding a Transporter to the operation, you can increase peak lifting capacity for your marina by up to 70%!

Please contact us for more information on the transporters we offer.

Key Product Features
The following are just a few of the specific features which have been engineered into our Transporters which allow for maximum performance.

  • Open End Design
    The open-end design of our Transporters allows you to move the load precisely where you want it, without having to pre-lift the boat into position. This saves you both time and money by allowing you to slip the Transporter beneath the load, pick it up and immediately begin transporting it to its new location.
  • Crab Steering & 4-Corner Steering
    Crab steering is designed to provide the operator with the ability to maneuver a boat diagonally into position, a significant advantage versus more conventional steering controls. Having this ability can allow a boatyard to take advantage of awkward spaces and challenging stacking configurations. Our 4-corner steering further enhances the Transporter’s maneuverability.
  • Hydraulic Lifting
    With the hydraulic support arms on our 80 ton units and above, the adjustments required for lifting and balancing the load on the Transporter can be made quickly. You can trust our lifting pads to support your precious cargo.
  • Wireless Remote Control
    This feature gives the operator the ability maneuver the loaded vessel and monitor the load at the same time. This allows you to more efficiently use personnel when moving boats.

For a visual breakdown of these key features and options, please feel free to print out one of our Marine Travelift transporter brochures.