Marine Travelift Inspection Program

Getting a Marine Travelift Preventative Inspection is a great way to make sure your equipment is running safely and effectively – before an issue arises.  Our inspection program will help you catch potential problems so that you can avoid unplanned downtime and save money.


  • A Certified Marine Travelift Dealer Technician will complete a thorough, multi-point inspection of your equipment to catch the things that could cause you problems.
  • Worn parts (if any) are identified and replaced before they harm your equipment.
  • You will save money by avoiding unplanned downtime and unexpected repairs.

In addition, you can stay on top of your planned maintenance by getting your fluids and filters changed during your appointment.

Once all Safety items and/or OSHA items are repaired (if any), Harris Equipment Systems will provide you with documentation showing that your equipment was visually inspected.

Please contact us for more information and to be added to our schedule based on the location of your business.