Planned Maintenance Programs

Marine Travelift routine planned maintenance is crucial to the performance and durability of your equipment.  Our multi-tiered Planned Maintenance program will help protect your investment and give you piece of mind that your equipment is being properly maintained. Our mult-tiered program is structured into two parts:

Tier 1 Planned Maintenance, which includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Replacement of hydraulic return filter(s) and all engine filters
  • Lubrication of all wire ropes and/or chains
  • Greasing at all regular grease points
  • Tire inflation to correct PSI (If pneumatic)
  • Alignment of steering
  • Transmission filter change (Forklift only)

Tier 2 Planned Maintenance, which includes:

  • Hydraulic oil change
  • Replacement of all medium and high pressure hydraulic filters
  • Gearbox lubricant change
  • Transmission fluid change (Forklift only)
  • Differential fluid change (Forklift only)

By keeping up with your equipment’s routine planned maintenance, you will see the following benefits:

  • Maximum equipment performance
  • Increased productivity from less down time
  • Budgeted maintenance costs
  • Higher resale value of equipment
  • Reduced stress

Let your team focus on the money-making activies at your marina or boatyard while we take care of the equipment that helps you do business.

Contact us today so that we may assist you in developing the right plan for your equipment.